For the first time in Sri Lanka
A groundbreaking one-of-a-kind event

Colombo UX Conference

19th March 2015
8.30 AM to 5.00 PM
BMICH Committee Room A


Meet our team and catch a glimpse into their topics

The speakers hail from varying industries and backgrounds, and amid them will touch upon a number of topics in the Software development spectrum of User Experience, from the very foundation of the subject right up to the end user and everything in-between. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newbie, there will be something fresh and new for everyone to learn from.

Keynote speech

Inspirational speech

Linda Speldewinde

Founder/Managing Director of AOD International Design Campus & Sri Lanka Design Festival


Bare basics of UX

Bare basics of UX

Rasika Mahindasiri

UX Architect @ 99XTechnology


Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Alain Parizeau

Programme Head of Visual Communication at AOD International Design Campus


UX and the love for your e-commerce customer

Take E-commerce to the next level

Adnan Issadeen

Former Head Of Production At Anything.Lk


Replacing Sales People with Great UX

Open Session

Chandika Jayasundara

Co-Founder & CEO at Cinergix/Creately


How design makes everything better

Mobile Apps: A user's perspective

Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Editor @


Shortcuts to Deliver Delight

How to design your MVP

Hasanga Abeyrathne

UX Architect @ 99XTechnology


Building a Culture of UX in Your Organization

UX in Enterprise

Hasith Yaggahavita

Technology Manager @ 99XTechnology


For Whom?

If you are a part of our vibrant software industry...this is for you!

UI/UX Engineers

UI/UX engineers will be able to hear from professionals about challenges and obstacles faced within the software industry, learn about new trends and share creative thoughts and ideas

Business Analysts

Users have become the ultimate decision makers of any business and to ensure that your organisation stays relevant in this fast-paced world, business analysts now need to guarantee that the end-user’s needs are addressed. All this and more will be covered at the Colombo UX Conference

Tech Entrepreneurs (Startups)

Profitability is the holy grail of a start-up. This conference will address how entrepreneurs can build a product or service quickly, while drawing in your target audience. Learn cost-effective tips and tricks to jumpstart your business!

Sales and Marketing Teams

User Experience is fast becoming a cornerstone of software companies - yet, are sales and marketing professionals really aware of what it is as a product offering? Get an introduction to UX 101, take in the basics and hear from IT perspective the role UX plays within an organisation

QA Engineers

Quality is based on a user's experience of using a product or service and UX is fast becoming the critical benchmark of the quality of a product/service. As a QA engineer, it is no longer enough to ensure that a product or service is up to spec - you should now know how to make sure end-users have the ultimate usability experience. Learn how to forge ahead with UX in your future!

IT Professionals

If you're part of the IT industry, whether software engineer, project manager, product owner etc., and you have an interest in the functions and complexities of User Experience, this conference holds something for you!

How it began


The CCC is an independent community of software developers, with a common goal of improving the competencies of members of the Sri Lankan IT community. This initiative is a collective attempt to place Sri Lanka on the global map as a hub for IT knowledge services.

Since its establishment, the CCC has played a vital role in bringing together specialists in various IT-related niche segments. It has done so through a series of camps, meet-ups and conferences, each of which see higher participation each time and more interesting and complex concepts and ideas discussed at them.

These include the Colombo iPhone Dev Camp, Colombo SharePoint Camp, Colombo Code Camp, Colombo Agile Camp, Colombo Architecture Meetup, Colombo PerfTest Meetup, Colombo Mobile Developer Meetup, Colombo Security Meetup, Colombo Selenium Meetup, Colombo Agile Conference and the Software Product Engineering Conference.